Digital rewards made easy

Working with Pointtunes

We make it easy - Sign up for our API or License the Software and we will help you install on your own servers.


Our RESTful API allows for integration of PointTunes catalogs into existing rewards platforms simply and securely.



For those who wish to have complete control of the digital rewards platform. Contact us to discuss this option.



We are always looking to add more reward options to our catalogs. If you have content we would like to take a look.

Fully Intergrated

The PointTunes® platform emerged out of the demand for a fully integrated digital content partner in the rewards and loyalty market. PointTunes® built a proprietary platform which allows our complete digital catalog to be displayed in the points / miles value native to each loyalty program. We power your ability to deliver over twenty million reward options each without the need for a warehouse or ever seeing a delivery truck. Demand for digital goods including music, eBooks, Apps and Movies as well as paying for digital access to online newspapers and magazines has never been higher. With PointTunes® the days of web-codes or physically mailing out download gift cards are numbered. PointTunes® can get you there virtually overnight. PointTunes® enables your programs to provide the shopping experience and delivery mechanism all in one easy to integrate package.

  • We offer a fully customizable digital rewards catalog.

  • Our API gets you in the digital rewards business quickly. We build most of the way and work together to bridge the last 5%

  • PointTunes does the heavy lifting. Give us an API and we will build towards it